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My 5 Favourite Lookouts

Sir Dudley de Chair Lookout

Scenic Hill's most popular lookout offers an almost 360 degree view of the city and the surrounds. You also have the opportunity to explore the Hermit's Cave and the surrounds. There are lots of walking trails that will take you down and/or along the hill from here. There are plenty of orchids in late July and August.

Tharbogang Landfill

Not what you would expect from a landfill site. Just near the weighbridge is an excellent spot to view the southern end of the Cobar Penneplain. You can see over the Lake Wayngan basin and across to, first the other side of the horseshoe shape that is the McPherson Range, and then to the Binya Hills.

McPherson Rd

McPherson Road is off the Rankins Springs Rd and can be accessed from both the Rankins Springs Rd and via Quarry Rd. This road skirts the western side of the steep cliffs of the McPherson Range and is elevated enough to provide views back towards Tharbogang over the Lakes basin. While it may be tempting to get out and climb the slopes, please remember that it is private property and needs owner permission to access.

The Old Quarry on Scenic Hill

From Dare Street (off Ortella Street) take any of the tracks that lead straight up to the top of Scenic Hill. The quarry here has been abandoned for many years, and regrowth of Dwyer's Mallee (eucalyptus dwyeri) and Hill Indigo (indigofera australis) can be spectacular. You can get a sweeping view of the town and surrounds from here. On a good day you can see the line of red gums that marks the Murrumbidgee River.

Mt Brogden

Mt Brogden is a steady two hour walk in the southern end of the Binya Forest. A drive to the forest and a walk is a pleasant half day outing and you will be rewarded with views to the east of the dry area farms and Yenda and irrigation to the west.

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