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GriffithGateway.com Image Gallery

Photos of Griffith as the seasons change

Frozen Puddles

A very cold morning

Heavy duty

The technology of irrigation

Mirool Branch Canal

The Mirool Branch Canal in early morning

Frost on the jetty at Lake Wyangan

A frosty morning at Lake Wyangan

Frost on oranges

Not a happy sight for a farmer

Frozen Vines

Pruned vines on a frosty morning

Sunrise and fog over Lake Wyangan

Sunrise and fog over Lake Wyangan

Garland Lilies

Garland Lilies taking the opportunity to flower

Sunset and Drought

It looks as if a bush fire has cleared the undergrowth.

Ripe red grapes

Table grapes ready to harvest

No rain here

The sad state of an old rain water tank.

Harveting by hand is no longer a common sight

A brave few harvesting by hand. Perhaps it is for their own domestic purposes.

Long necked sheep?

Farmers run alpacas amongst their 'normal' sheep to keep them safe from dogs.

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