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Cycling in and around Griffith

Lap of Town

24 km
Sealed Roads

Get a map of town and pencil in these streets for an interesting and safe ride around town. No need to be strict about the route, most of Griffith's streets are very safe and pleasant for cycling. The following assumes a start from the Visitors Centre. Bail out at any point and take a well deserved rest.

Head east on Banna Ave.

Left at Crossing St to cross rail tracks.

Right at Wakaden St, this section is relatively safe, past Marian College, East Griffith School, the under re-development Exies Sports Club, and the "Cars For Sale" site.

Left up Blumer Ave, and first right skirting cemetery at McCudden St, past Wade High School.

Left up Clifton Bvde and cruise all the way to the top end past acres of new housing, and the Ted Scobie Ovals (used to be the night cart dump but don't tell anyone!). Although the main access road to the subdivisions, this is still relatively quiet thanks to being a dead end and only having local traffic.

Return along Clifton Bvde, feeling free to explore any of the side streets (Manera, Nicholls, Robertson, Doolan, Hillam) which will invariably drop you back onto Clifton.

After the Ovals take a right and left into Blumer Ave.

Right at McNabb Cres and change down a gear for the long haul up. On the right is the hill reserve and an infestation of the weed Gazania, unfortunately still being sold by nurseries as a garden plant. The hill could be looking anywhere from lush, green and colourful, to a brown and black wasteland, depending on the season and whims of bushfire.

Cross Macarthur St with care (its busy and visibility is not good).

Right into Carrathool St. This and the parallel Hyandra and Binya Sts are worth a look for some of the best of the old residences on town. Jacqui Hallam, one of the famous Griffith Feral Tri'ards, lived along here.

Take your choice of uphills at Boonah (higher) or Yoolooma (flatter) to get to Ortella St (The harder the hill, the better the reward at the top. Jacqui would have taken Boonah, and loved it).

Left at Ortella and an easy roll down the street I grew up in, when there wasn't even a formed road.

Right at Kelly Ave. There is a café here!!

Left into Wood Rd. The hill can be easily accessed along these streets.

At Wyangan Ave take a right zig and a left zag into Dickson Rd. Both sides of Dickson were citrus orchards until very recently, and now there is only the one left, surrounded by housing back on Wyangan Ave.

At the bottom of Dickson, cross the old, closed Three Ways Bridge, the namesake for the small village nearby, and the label of some of Bill Calabria's West End Estate.

Left into Brayne Rd, past West End Estate.

Alternatives start to open up here. You are heading back toward town and any of Brayne /Kywong St (with footbridge and some dirt) or the next three major crossroads will all get you back to the centre thanks to Walter Burley Griffin's circular design.

If you want to continue the lap of town, turn right off Brayne Rd to Rose Rd, which becomes Harward Rd, cruising past grapes on the right and homes on the left. Griffith's wannabe world triathlon hopeful and Feral Tri'ard Ben Yates used to live along here, so pick up the pace a bit.

Left into Spence Rd

Cross onto Watson Rd

At Murrumbidgee Ave, choose between left to the canal and back to Banna Ave, or

Right, heading out of town, then left at Stafford, left at Sidlow Rd for a few more orchards and Trowella Gardens, right at Merrigal St, which becomes Ulong St, and cross at the footbridge back to Banna Ave. At Banna Ave, the nearest pub is a hundred metres on the left, the bakery is a hundred metres on the right! How convenient, but what a choice to make after 24km.

The other rides:

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