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Cycling in and around Griffith

A cyclists view of de Bortoli's tank farm

The Sub-Station Loop

Sealed Roads
A scenic loop through the farms east of town.

Starting from the Visitors Centre head east along Banna Ave which becomes Mackay Ave which becomes the Leeton Rd (Trunk Road 80). Along the divided road you pass the old buildings on the right which once was a Penfold's Winery. Crossing the Main Canal you see the Cottage Gallery on the right, then some nurseries, and the Yoogali Club which, as always, proclaims "entertainment unlimited".

At 4km is the Yenda/Temora/Sydney turnoff. Continue straight ahead. The high weedy plant along the road and channel is wild fennel which will give you an aroma sensation at the right time of year.

Turn left after 3km at the sub-station at Hamilton Rd. Mostly grapes and rice along here, and long views across the irrigated land to the old, rounded and blue Binya Hills (Cocopara Range) in the north.

Turn left after 5km into Lawrence Rd, and you will pass between the De Bortoli water treatment works and the massive De Bortoli winery tank farm, while directly ahead and beckoning is the Bilbul Store which is well stocked with drinks and has shaded tables and chairs.

Leaving the store, head left back toward town (yes, unfortunately it is the busy main road ) for 3km and turn right at Rossetto Rd. The name refers to the Rossetto family who established the Rossetto Winery two kilometres up the road which, after some tough times, has been succsessfully revamped as Beelgara. This road is another good example of the two side by side water systems - the supply channel on the left and the drainage channel on the right.

At the winery Rossetto Road turns left and this is one of the few winding roads in the area - be careful not to get too excited!

It is less than 3km to the Main Canal and a choice of options back to town.

It is 5km back to the Visitors Centre via either the Beelbangera Road across the canal, or the quieter and maybe shadier Macedone Rd this side of the canal. The canal reserve has old and tall sugar gums, often home to roosting galahs, while over on the rail reserve is newer replantings of local species.

If you are feeling good, it is only a few extra kilometres to turn right up toward Beelbangera, then first left up Rifle Range Road and Scenic Drive, over the hill for a good view of where you have just been, on the way back to town.

The other rides:

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