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Cycling in and around Griffith

New vine plantings with a view to Scenic Hill

Scenic Drive / Beelbangera

10km one way to Beelbangera
Sealed Roads (with a dirt option)

From Banna Ave follow the signs to the Airport. Take the right hand turn at Pioneer Park for Scenic Drive. Remembrance Drive and Scenic Drive are popular routes for local cyclists with low traffic and good scenery. At the end of Scenic Drive turn right down Rifle Range Rd to the village of Beelbangera and a well earned drink at the store.

Options for the return trip.

Return the same way for an extra dose of hill training.

Return via the main road. It is a flat, straight road with fast traffic, but has a good wide verge.

Return via the main road but turn first left, cross the canal and ride the quieter Macedone Rd (a shadier option on a summer afternoon).

Return along the gravel of Citrus Rd, or the back end of Collina suburb off Rifle Range Rd.

The other rides:

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