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Cycling in and around Griffith

Mirool Creek

Gum Creek Rd

Sealed road

A quiet road south of town to get up a few kilometres and contemplate the meaning of life with minimal interruption

From the Visitors Centre head up Banna Ave and left at the Kookora St roundabout.

Fourth on the left is Walla Ave

You pass the Showground Caravan Park, Seventh Day Adventist Church, Pioneer and the No Name winery with the most changes of ownership in Griffith. Built by Cinzano, bought out and rebuilt by Cranswick, flogged off and stripped by Evans & Tate, and just recently sold on to an American company.

Take a left onto Gum Creek Rd and continue to the end of the bitumen, for a U-turn back to town.

You will pass hectares of rice and newly planted grapes on what was rice farms, and there is some large scale vegetable growing.

Look at the channels as you pass by - the higher, full ones are the supply which are like arteries, delivering water through ever smaller channels to get to each farm. The deeper, empty ones are the drains which are like veins, collecting waste water from each farm and getting larger on their way to the waste storage at Barren Box Swamp. The two systems are closely intertwined.

Along Gum Creek Rd you will cross Mirrool Creek which is rather forgettable here, but don't be fooled. This is a sleeping giant, starting way back in the Temora area, and way back in geological time. It takes much of the town and farm drainage water towards Barren Box Swamp. In wet years it is a major floodway, and occasionally reaches its end point at the Lachlan River near Booligal. This creek has in the past washed out and closed the Mid Western Highway to Hay.

The dominant tree along Gum Creek Road is the Weeping Myall (Acacia pendula) and if you get a whiff of catspiss you know it is flowering. The other whiff you can get if the winds are in the right direction is Barrters chicken sheds scattered all around.

Much of the birdlife along here is the common starling, but there is also plenty of more interest. There are excellent chances of a good range of interesting water birds around the rice (terns, spoonbills, egrets, ibis and herons) and dry area birds like mistletoebird, parrots, honeyeaters and finches in the myall, the grasses and the remnant blackbox depression.

The other rides:

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